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It's what sets the SmartClient platform apart

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Get the SmartClient Advantage

No cross-browser testing and debugging

If it works in Firefox and doesn't work in Safari, that's our problem, not your problem. A unique advantage of the SmartClient technology is the ability to fully shield your developers from cross-browser issues and debugging. This depends on 5 key areas:

  • Comprehensive, extensible component model

    The SmartClient Platform has all of the components necessary for building complete applications and provides the ability to build custom components without requiring AJAX expertise.

  • Simplified skinning & branding

    Our Platform's approach to skinning requires only rudimentary knowledge of page styling, sufficient to set colors and fonts. Even when deeply customizing look and feel, you don't have to deal with browser layout inconsistencies.

  • Cross-browser tools

    The SmartClient Platform provides a uniform set of tools and diagnostics across all platforms. Developers learn a single toolset, and can communicate about issues without confusion.

  • Clearly documented boundaries

    Cross-browser safe functionality is useless if it is provided alongside unsafe facilities and your developers can't tell the difference. Our Platform provides access to low-level AJAX when necessary for legacy reasons, always clearly marked and with more modern approaches discussed, ensuring that cross-browser issues are never inadvertently introduced.

  • Application-oriented, not browser-oriented

    Frameworks that provide a thin wrapper over low-level AJAX facilities can't protect you from the worst and most pernicious of browser issues, such as timing-dependent bugs and memory leaks. Application-oriented APIs give the SmartClient Platform the flexibility to internally use whatever approach works best in each browser.

Countless Java, C# and PHP developers have picked up the SmartClient Platform and built applications without help from Isomorphic. Do you want to deliver an application or futz with the browser? Go with SmartClient and leave "ajax gurus" in the dust.

Complete solution

The SmartClient Platform offers the complete set of GUI components, databinding systems and extension points necessary for the creation of full featured, robust AJAX applications.

Throwing together components from multiple sources creates a mish-mash of different programming paradigms, inconsistent look and feel, bizarre bugs and dependencies on multiple parties.

Picking a partial solution and extending it means you will create functionality that will be integrated into AJAX frameworks in the future, leaving you stranded with a custom solution you don't want to own.

Our Platform offers a single complete, consistent, extensible, skinnable system - today.